Our founders, Tanuj Apte and Deepak Vidhani met at Carnegie Mellon University after lamenting about the need for an effective short-distance transportation system akin to their home countries. 

What started as a bench prototype has now evolved into multiple fleets of vehicles in 3 different states with plans to expand further this year.

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Tanuj Apte - CEO

Our CEO, Mr. Tanuj Apte, spent most of his life in Dubai, UAE and Mumbai, India until he came to the US to attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. 

As an Information Systems major with a minor in Business Administration, Tanuj was driven by the need to solve everyday problems for people. On one of his visits back home to Mumbai, Tanuj was inspired while sitting in a rickshaw and quickly realized the advantages of introducing a micro-transportation service in the untapped US market. This fleeting idea gave birth to Autopods: a solution to first-and-last mile transportation problems in the states using electric assisted pedicabs that are affordable for all

Deepak Vidhani - COO

Our COO, Deepak Vidhani, grew up in Sharjah, UAE and moved to the US to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. 

Deepak Vidhani quickly realized the importance of Mr. Tanuj Apte's work, when they were introduced at an energy conference, and joined as the company's COO and co-founder. 

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